About Us

The J.C. Ritchey Co. LLC is committed to providing quality and reliable products with customer friendly service
at reasonable prices. We specialize in the service and repairing of every microsope make and model.

We are celebrating 36 years of business. Plus we have 46 years of experience.

James RItchey received his optical training in the U.S. Army in 1967. He used his training in Viet Nam for 1 year, then spent the next ten years with 5 manufacturers and became factory trained by A/O, B&L, Nikon, Zeiss and Leitz. With on the job training he became a highly qualified authorized repair dealer in a four state area. He started the J.C.Ritchey Co. on July 1, 1980 and services microscopes, colposcopes and surgical microscopes, in the state of Ohio, eastern Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.

The Ritchey Co. works with darkfield and phase contrast microscopes with many naturopaths. He services microscopes for many educators, veterinarians, universities, medical labs and hospitals.

The J.C. Ritchey Co. is an Authorized Dealer for Swift Microscopes. Mr. Ritchey also maintains a large inventory of reconditioned and used microscopes.

We sell re-manufactured parts for the Olympus BH2 series, including the BHTU, BHS, and the BHT along with the Olympus BX-40, CHB and CHT microscopes.